Your ability to access your volunteer information at all times is one of the top priorities at Volgistics.


Volgistics is powered by a server farm that reduces 'single-points-of-failure.' Should one component fail, others take over. Critical components contain redundant power supplies and disk arrays. Dual highspeed data connections from separate internet backbone providers connect the Volgistics data center to the internet, ensuring operation even if one provider's network fails. Automatic emergency power systems ensure uninterrupted service during commercial power failures.


24/7 Monitoring

Volgistics monitors key system performances around the clock. Volgistics engineers can see many important network and system conditions as they occur, enabling a prompt response should any system adjustments be required.

Data backup

Volgistics protects your data through a series of backup procedures without disrupting system operation.

Disaster planning

A Volgistics disaster response plan is in place for handling possible eventualities that range from the loss of the primary data center to spikes in bandwidth demand that might occur following a national emergency.

Scheduled maintenance

System maintenance that would prevent you from accessing the system is infrequent, performed during periods of low demand, and announced in advance on the Volgistics web site.

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