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Getting Started Video Tutorials

Overall Schedule (2:03)

Managing Schedules (2:57)

Using Volgistics for Special Events Scheduling (3:27)

Tracking Assignments and Scheduling Videos

Add a Site (1:02)

Change the Name of a Site (0:36)

Add a Place (0:48)

Change the Name of a Place (0:36)

Add an Assignment (1:01)

Change the Name of an Assignment (0:35)

View Volunteers for an Assignment - Advanced Features (2:24)

How to Make an Assignment Inactive (2:10)

Around-the-Clock Scheduling (2:41)

Holidays (2:11)

Setting the Default Date (1:31)

Substitute Tracking (1:40)

How to Schedule Substitutes for Regularly Scheduled Volunteers (2:56)

Records Management Videos

Entering Volunteer Numbers (4:09)

Tracking Multiple Addresses (and Other Information) for the Same Volunteer (2:02)

Delete Volunteer Records (2:06)

When and How to Archive Volunteer Records (2:46)

Restore a Single Archived Volunteer Record (1:15)

Restore All Archived Volunteer Records (0:29)

How to Permanently Mark Tagged Records (2:43)

How to change a Volunteer's Start Date (1:45)

How do I enter training for lots of volunteers in one step? (2:03)

How can I enter phone number extensions? (1:06)

Record Assignments Automatically (1:33)

Automatic Volunteer Numbers (4:29)

Setting Up Volunteer & Assignment Matching (2:02)

How Volunteer & Assignment Matching Works (5:27)

How to Make a Mandatory Match Criterion (1:36)

Using Volunteer & Assignment Matching (2:27)

Application Form Videos

How to Set Up a Volunteer Application Form (2:21)

How to Print a Blank Volunteer Application Form (3:42)

Using Online Volunteer Application Forms (3:16)

See How Many Submissions and Application Has Received (1:38)

How do I disable an online application form? (1:54)

Receiving Online Volunteer Applications (4:32)

Deleting Online Volunteer Applications (1:40)

Finding a Volunteer's Application Date (1:42)

Sets Videos

How to Create a Set (2:17)

Find Volunteers with Information in a Spare Field (1:50)

How to View the Volunteers in a Set (0:46)

How to Print a Report for a Set (2:17)

How can I find active volunteers who have not served recently? (1:33)

How to Make All Volunteers with No Recent Activity Inactive (3:26)

How can I find service records not associated with an assignment? (3:26)

Finding Small or Large Service Entries (2:19)

How do I make Set names print as part of report titles? (1:56)

How do I make Site names print as part of report titles? (1:46)

Service Tracking Videos

How to Setup Service Values (1:42)

How to enter a volunteer's past hours (4:56)

How do I make a single hour entry manually? (1:34)

Why are hour entry dates sometimes changed when I post hours? (1:13)

How to change an hour entry that's already been posted (1:45)

How do I track volunteer mileage? (2:05)

How do I post hours from the schedule? (3:41)

Identify a Service Entry's Source (2:07)

Checklist Videos

Create automatic reports to track Checklist items (3:17)

Using Sets for Checklist items that apply to multiple Assignments (2:18)

Printing Reports

Why don't my service reports match? (2:25)

Running Reports Automatically (2:56)

How to Stop Automatic Reports (3:07)

How to Limit System Operator Rights or Access (3:41)

Schedule Reports (3:21)

How to Keep All of a Report's Columns on One Page (3:44)

Including Archived Records on Reports (1:43)

Print a Report for a Single Archived Volunteer (3:46)

How to Delete a Report (1:10)

Run a report for a single Site, Place, or Assignment (1:36)

Modify Schedule Statistics Reports to Cover Different Time Periods (1:34)

Including names in child records (1:59)

Include Archived Volunteers in Excel Spreadsheet Reports (1:49)

VicNet Videos

VicNet Overview (2:41)

Setting up VicNet (1:32)

Previewing VicNet (1:18)

Password Strength Rules for VicNet (2:48)

Volunteer Photos in VicNet (3:12)

Allow Volunteers to See Who Else Is Scheduled (2:23)

Advertising in VicNet (1:54)

VicTouch Videos

VicTouch Overview (2:24)

Setting up VicTouch (2:21)

Using VicTouch (1:56)

Allow Volunteers to See Who Else Is Scheduled (2:23)

VicTouch Holiday Cards (2:15)

Using VicTouch Greeting Cards as Event Reminders (2:41)

Display Who's Here at VicTouch (1:09)

Site Level Access Videos

Setup Site Level Access (2:17)

Manage Site Level Access (2:46)

Site Level Access - Establish or Change Volunteer Sites (2:08)

Group Records Videos

Entering and Finding Group Records (1:42)

Tracking Multiple Contacts for a Group (2:09)

Scheduling Groups and Posting Hours (2:07)

Reports When Using Group Records (1:18)

Checklist and Awards When Using Group Records (1:49)

Managing System Operators

Creating and Maintaining System Operator Records (1:53)

Protect Your Account with Strong Passwords (2:21)

How to Limit System Operator Rights or Access (3:41)

Accounting Access Code (1:31)

Email and Text Messaging Videos

How to Enable Text Messages for Your Account (2:04)

How Volunteers & Coordinators Opt-in to Text Messaging (1:11)

How System Operators Opt-in to Text Messaging (1:09)

How To Send a Test Message (2:15)

Tracking Email Messages You Have Sent (1:19)

Make Sure Volunteers Receive Your Email Messages (3:05)


FAQs to the Volgistics Help Desk (33:05)

VicNet (30:47)

Sets (22:13)

Reports, Part 1 (29:57)

Reports, Part 2 (40:23)

VicTouch (31:08)

Application Forms (36:21)

History Tab (40:44)

Spring Cleaning (45:35)

Communicating With Your Volunteers (30:45)

Volgistics User Rights and Privileges (34:46)

Site Level Access (31:20)

Hour Tracking (39:36)

Volgistics Tips and Tricks (42:35)

Volunteer Self-Scheduling (37:57)

Advanced Frequently Asked Questions (43:58)

Merit Hours (36:50)

Customizing Your Online Forms (35:14)

Text Messaging (33:15)

Volgistics 101: Tracking Assignments and Scheduling (1:14:32)

Volgistics 101: Introducing VicTouch Beta (55:09)

Volgistics 101: Creating and Using Sets (52:33)

Other Useful Tutorials

Why can't I see or find volunteer records? (4:07)

Award Setup (6:32)

Entering a Volunteer's Past Awards (2:59)

Combining Awards (2:57)

Unduplicated Volunteer Count (3:45)

How to Handle Volunteer Records for Deceased Volunteers (2:06)

How to customize which fields appear in the volunteer list (1:41)

Password Strength Rules for System Operators (2:12)

HTML EMail Messages (3:40)

Archiving Old Help Inquiries (0:39)

How To Set Up the Clipboard Copy Feature (2:06)

How to Add a Purchase Order Number to an Order-Invoice (1:45)

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