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Introductory Videos

Introduction (5:09)

Basics (13:57)

VicTouch Volunteer Kiosk Overview (2:24)

VicNet Online Volunteer Portal Overview (2:41)

Getting Started

How to Sign Up for a Free Trial (1:56)

How to Activate a Trial Account (2:00)

Logging In (1:09)

Getting Started Interview (3:34)

New Help Inquiry (0:58)

Volgistics Menu (0:53)

Adding Volgistics Features to Your Web Site (3:57)

Using Volgistics for Special Events Overview (3:36)

Records Management

Adding Volunteer Records (0:53)

Finding Volunteer Records (3:51)

Advanced Find Overview (1:18)

How can I see how many volunteer records I have? (1:06)

Introduction to Group Records (1:05)

Using Volunteer Numbers (2:05)

Archiving Volunteers Overview (2:39)

Introduction to Volunteer Photos (3:06)

Type and Flag Overview (3:49)

Type and Flag Customizing (0:50)

How can I collect a volunteer's affiliation information? (3:02)

How do I add more states/provinces to the State or Province dropdown list? (1:24)

Date of Last Activity (1:07)

Service Tracking

How Service records get into Volgistics (2:41)

How do I view a selected volunteer's hours? (1:03)

How do I print hours for a selected volunteer? (1:05)

Merit Hours (1:27)

Service Measures (2:31)

Track the number of shifts or visits volunteers serve (2:57)

Service Values (1:10)

How do I print a monthly volunteer hour report? (1:05)

How do I print a monthly hour report by assignment? (1:03)

How to Delete a Batch of Posted Service (1:53)

Sites, Places, and Assignments

Assignment Tracking Overview (2:31)

When to Use Sites and Places (5:31)

Creating Sites, Places, and Assignments (3:38)

View Volunteers for an Assignment (2:11)

Schedule Tutorials

Scheduling Overview (3:38)

Schedule Icons in Volgistics (1:19)

Hours of Operation (1:18)

Other Useful Tutorials

Print a Report for a Single Volunteer (1:28)

Sets (1:26)

Tags (2:21)

Checklists (2:16)

Site Level Access (4:10)

Site Level Access Examples (2:55)

Saving Volunteer Information Locally (3:51)

How to upload logo graphics (3:17)

How do I change the login name or password I use to access Volgistics? (1:39)

Clear Your Account Number or Login Name from the Secure Login Page (1:39)

How do I create a printed Birthday List? (4:00)

Searching the Event Log or a volunteer's Notes tab (2:06)

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Video Tutorials

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