Volunteer Management Software for Nonprofits

If you're like any of the hundreds of thousands of nonprofits that rely heavily on volunteer involvement and support to complete your mission, then it's vital you use a comprehensive volunteer management system for nonprofit organizations that meets all your needs.

Figures from the National Center for Charitable Statistics show that more than 25 percent of Americans over 16 years of age choose to volunteer their time and skills to a charitable organization. What's more, individual donations to nonprofits add up to roughly four and half times the total annual amount of funds coming from foundations.

With statistics like these, it's clear that nonprofits need powerful software - and that's why the highly customizable volunteer management software for nonprofits from Volgistics is the preferred way to complete everything from daily scheduling to long-term reporting in a more accurate, streamlined, and manageable manner.


Having a volunteer recruiting system for nonprofit organizations that's responsive, fast and easy to use is the backbone of any successful volunteer-based initiative. With Volgistics' volunteer recruiting software for nonprofits, you can quickly post volunteer opportunities on your website, gather potential volunteers' information without manual data entry and sync information effortlessly with your larger volunteer database.


Enjoy valuable time savings with Volgistics' volunteer scheduling management system for nonprofit organizations. Now, you can schedule volunteers in a fraction of the time it took you previously. With volunteer scheduling software for nonprofits, you can create one-time, interval, and ongoing schedules, all with a few clicks. To save you even more time, volunteers can go online and sign up for open shifts themselves through the VicNet portal.

Database Management

The volunteer database management system for nonprofit organizations that Volgistics offers is user-friendly, customizable and requires no complicated software installation. Since you're not always in the office, our volunteer database management software for nonprofits automatically backs up your info at regular intervals, is remotely accessible, and allows you to communicate with your volunteers according to their preferred method, such as via email or text message.


Search for volunteer records individually or by customized groupings using the Volgistics volunteer tracking management system for nonprofit organizations. You'll appreciate the flexibility of Volgistics when using a volunteer hours tracking software for nonprofits that allows you to set search parameters according to a wide range of criteria, from hours worked to skillsets.

Application Forms

The volunteer application form management system for nonprofit organizations seamlessly collects potential volunteer information via online forms that you can easily customize and embed in your website, saving you from spending valuable time and resources on manual data entry.

Document Storage

With Volgistics document storage management software for nonprofit organizations, you can save both storage space and filing time. Store your important files and documents electronically with our document storage management system for nonprofits that allows you to scan paper files and say goodbye to overstuffed filing cabinets.


Our volunteer reporting software for nonprofit organizations allows you to generate stock reports or quickly create custom reports via its simple-to-use interface. From formatting Excel spreadsheets to creating mailing labels, the volunteer reporting management system for nonprofits is always ready to help make your reporting tasks easier, quicker, and more accurate.

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