Why Do You Need Custom Options for Volunteer Management Software?

One of the great benefits of Volgistics is that you can customize your account without the help of a programmer. But why is volunteer software customization so important?

If your non-profit is like most, the makeup of your volunteer staff is changing all the time. People come in, people go out, responsibilities change, and some volunteers may take on more tasks while some may need one or two of their duties shifted to others. Keeping track of all of this can be difficult under any circumstances, let alone if you are trying to do it with rigid software that only allows very specific parameters.

That’s why there’s Volgistics custom volunteer management software. We understand that different volunteer organizations have different needs with respect to what they keep track of and how.

With Volgistics, if you are trying to keep track of volunteers over different time intervals, using different forms or keeping different types of information, you won’t have to slow down operations in order to get a professional to reconfigure the software so that it does what you want it to do. Just set your own custom options, input the data, and let Volgistics do the rest.

Even if your current volunteer management software, or no volunteer management software, is meeting your needs now, it's important to think about the future. If you are successful in your efforts, the reach of your volunteer organization is likely to expand, as will your staff. You want custom volunteer management software that can adapt to your changing requirements. That's why you can customize nearly every part of Volgistics to suit the needs of your organization.

Volgistics uses pre-established options to allow you to customize the way the system works without needing to involve a programmer. Here's a short list of popular areas that can be customized:


You can choose to setup your schedule in 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals. Schedule volunteers on the fly, or create pre-set openings. If you want, you can include volunteer phone numbers on the schedule.


Create custom reports that contain all the volunteer and service information you would like. Run reports for the volunteers and time periods you define.

Application Forms

Create online volunteer application forms that new volunteers can use, saving you from re-entering information from paper forms. Include any information you would like, and even collect assignment preferences.

Link Volgistics Forms From Your Website

Post links to your application forms, opportunity directory, and VicNet login portal right on your own website.

Checklist (Volunteer Requirements)

Track volunteer requirements in each volunteer record. You can choose which volunteers each requirement applies to, and have expiration or renewal dates calculated automatically.


Track volunteer recognition in Volgistics by creating Awards. You set the criteria, and Volgistics tells you which volunteers are eligible automatically.

User Rights

You can decide user access for menu items, tabs, and individual fields in Volgistics. Learn more about Field Setup, System Operator Page, and Setting Tab Rights.

This is just a short list of items that can be customized by the user in Volgistics. The system was designed so users can customize it without having to consult with a programmer. But if you need some help, or just want some advice on customizing any aspect of Volgistics, feel free to ask us a question and our support team will respond promptly. For more information on how to set up Volgistics, we recommend checking out help topic 2323 "How to set up Volgistics".

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